Walk-In tub through tiled wall

Acrylic jacuzzi            Acrylic jacuzzi tap end

I am here to install a 30″x52″ right hand walk-in tub. That’s my mission for today. The first thing I notice is the bathroom door is only 24″ wide and the new tub is 30″ wide.  A lot of the time, we have to remove the door frame, studs, and some sheet rock to gain access to the bathroom for the tub. However, on this particular installation, there is tile all the way up to the door trim so gaining the extra 6″ needed would be a lot of work. Luckily the bedroom wall backs on to the tub. So what I think I will do on this one, is remove tile and sheet rock on the main tiled 5′ wall,  and be careful not to exceed the height of my new tub. This will be the easiest way of getting the tub in position without causing a lot of repair work. On the bedroom side, I can remove the piece of sheet rock in one, remove 2 studs, and slot the tub into position.

I also notice that the shelf below the glass blocks will end up below my finished tub height. I will have to create a panel behind the walk-in tub faucets to trim it out nicely.

There are jets on the original tub which means that a GFI protected power source will be there to plug my tub into.

At this point I have a game plan in my head, I will un-crate the tub, try the customers for size, and answer all their questions.

lady in tub outside           lady in tub outsideThumbs up, good to go!

  walk-in tub walk-in tub  walk-in tub

With the tile/sheet rock/studs removed carefully, I now have access to slot the tub into position. While I am working on leveling the tub and getting it connected, my helper is putting the wall back together from the bedroom side. Once the texture/mud is added, the repair is almost invisible.

walk-in tub                            walk-in tub

Now I can start connecting the plumbing, I have put on brass ball valves already, and the water is back on. I just connect my flex lines to my ball valves and then test the plumbing. Once the drain is connected and the tub is secure to the floor and walls, I can do a full test of filling the tub to the top.  Then I can turn on the hydrotherapy jets for about 20 minutes, then I can drain it and check for leaks. Next is trim work and accessories.

Finished walk-in tub    Finished walk-in tub


Finished walk-in tub          Finished walk-in tubSo here it is folks!  All finished.  It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? It looks like it belongs there. The customers were thrilled and excited to start bathing safely again. Check out the comments they put on my job sheet!

“Very grateful for their professionalism. We will recommend your business to many and are very grateful to have Matthew, Kevin, and Liliana install our tub!”  L.R. Bozeman, MT