All-in-One fiberglass tub enclosure to Walk-In Tub Conversion

walk-in tub collage

Upon arrival, after introducing myself to the customer, I check out their bathroom real quick to take some measurements to make sure the tub will fit before we go any further.  I am checking for door size and any other obstructions that may hinder the installation.                     […]

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Total Transformation (in the words of Matthew)

end panal right hand white walk-in tub

                                     Upon arrival at this job, the first thing I noticed was a big drop-in tub in the bathroom corner in a frame.  I have to be careful with removal to protect the new walk-in tub footprint so […]

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Montana’s black bathtub

This is a very standard walk-in tub installation.   However, I have never seen this color of toilet and bathtub.  So here’s a quicky post on Montana’s Black Bathtub removal.  30″x 52″ walk-in tub to be installed without any issues with walls or doors.  This install clocked in at an easy 8 hour day. Way to […]

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