Large wheelchair transfer tub

Cast iron tub     cast iron tub

Changing out an original cast iron tub to a wheelchair transfer tub.


The customer had difficulties using this tub due to severe mobility challenges.  I am here to install a tub that will really make bathing easier for the customer.  I notice this original tub is leaning down on the left hand side.  This normally means there is a flooring issue due to so much weight in one small area.  The cast iron tub weighs around 400 lbs plus the weight of the person and water.  The cast iron tub is removed using a large sledge hammer and brute force.  The goal is to break it into 4 pieces and carry them out.  Once the area is cleaned up, I can assess the flooring to see what needs to be done to reinforce it.

transfer tubThe flooring issue was easily resolved by adding the bracing to the joists and adding a support post under the bathroom floor in the crawl space.

I also had to add extra pipes in the wall for the shower valve so the customer could use the shower independently without having to turn on the tub. The tub is positioned this way to create as wide of a door swing as possible without hitting any obstructions.  The tub comes with an extension kit that I can put on the back to the tub to fill that space.

front of transfer tubA lot of time is taken to make sure that the trim work is perfect and thetransfer tub and walk-in tub caulk lines are smooth and even. Now it is time to finish the testing, filling the tub up for the second time and draining it, timing each stage to see if it falls within accepted parameters.





Now it is all finished and cleaned up, ready for the demonstration.  The wheelchair transfer tub will sit for 24 hours before being used. This ensures that all the caulking is cured and will not split.  This installation took me 11 hours from start to finish. Not a bad days work.


wheelchair transfer tub     wheelchair transfer tub      

wheelchair transfer tub