All about Matthew

Matthew Clarke – General Contractor, designer/inventor, The Man

Matthew Clarke hails from Bristol England, born and raised in a traditional English family. man thinkingWhen he was 16 y.o., he left school to become a plumbing and central heating apprentice for 4 years.  Following this time, he became proficient at bathroom installations and remodel, central heating installations, and boiler room replacements in the UK. 

At age 32, in search of adventure and a possible career change, Matthew boarded a plane from London to New York City with a small amount of cash and BIG dreams. In search of a niche in the plumbing market, he came across a relatively new product called the “walk-in tub.” Since 2004, Matthew has traveled the country installing more than 2000 tubs, sometimes 5 tubs per week! Even after installing so many tubs, he still maintains a passion for each tub installation stating “I have put in more than 2000 tubs, but every job is different and has its fresh challenges”.

In 2014, Matthew moved to Colorado Springs, and met ME in the beginning of 2015!  Since then, we have become a force to be reckoned with, most specifically we have become lifelong sober partners.  The result has been noticeable in every aspect of our lives. One of those aspects is Matthew’s walk-in tubs.  I hope you will appreciate as much as I do the quality, passion and beauty that Matthew puts into each project.

Enjoy! Please feel free to contact us!