Large wheelchair transfer tub

wheelchair transfer tub

      Changing out an original cast iron tub to a wheelchair transfer tub.   The customer had difficulties using this tub due to severe mobility challenges.  I am here to install a tub that will really make bathing easier for the customer.  I notice this original tub is leaning down on the left […]

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Black Foot Tribe Montana Installation

wigwam and couple

          The demolition on this job is easy, as there is no tub to remove.  The tile on the wall is going to stay but the toilet will have to be removed to give us more access.                This is a 100% real wigwam made […]

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Walk-In tub through tiled wall

Finished walk-in tub

             I am here to install a 30″x52″ right hand walk-in tub. That’s my mission for today. The first thing I notice is the bathroom door is only 24″ wide and the new tub is 30″ wide.  A lot of the time, we have to remove the door frame, studs, […]

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