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Matthew Clarke  

According to Malcom Gladwell’s research, it takes 10,000 hours of practice

to reach EXPERT level at anything.

With well over 2,000 walk-in tub installs under his belt, Matthew Clarke far exceeds standard of expert in walk-in tubs. To see a master at work, check out the BLOG! Matthew has been in the industry since 2005, working as an installer for various walk-in tub companies. If you are interested in learning more about Matthew or seeing some of the examples that have made it into his record books as interesting to amazing to “ordinary”, head on over to the BLOG section! You will also find pictures of past installs, interesting blog posts on different aspects of a walk-in tub installation and some pictures of life on the road as an installer.
Matthew has spent years working with various walk-in tub manufacturers and walk-in tub companies, and has now found the industry’s most beautiful, quality walk-in tubs, Ella by Ellas Bubbles. Being extremely impressed with Ellas Bubbles and their products, Matthew is now a dealer for Ellas Bubbles in Colorado! This is amazing, please take a look at these outstanding walk-in tubs. It may not be what you need, but I bet you know someone who would benefit from a premium therapeutic walk-in tub!

Contact us if you are interested in an Ella walk-in tub! Or just leave feedback. We would love to know who is checking out the website. Ask questions! Give us a holla!


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Ella’s by Ellas Bubbles Walk In Bathtub

Ellas walk in bathtub

Ella’s Big4Two Walk In Bathtub

Ella’s Hydro Foot Massage
Ellas Walk In Bathtub
Ella’s Ultimate Walk In Bathtub
Ella’s Patented Swivel Tray
Ella Two Seater Walk-In Tub